Varied holiday activities in and around Husum

The district principal town of North Friesland here in the far north is full of sparkling life. The manifold city centre invites you to shop and stroll, and the historic alleys with their picturesque atmosphere provide for a holiday feeling directly from the start. The market place around the Tine well (Tine-Brunnen), the landmark of the town, is the venue for an original weekly market taking place all year round every Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm. 

Pure culture in the Theodor Storm city of Husum

The most popular citizen of the town is probably the poet Theodor Storm whose birthplace is now a museum open to visitors, telling stories from the life of the Frisian writer. The district town with its museums offers a comprehensive picture of the cultural landscape and holiday region of North Friesland. From ducal life and the traditional rural daily routine of the farmers through to the bourgeois domestic culture, the seafaring and fishing life and, of course, the Wadden Sea National Park, the full palette of North Friesland can be actively explored.

Husum Castle
Ostenfeld Farmhouse  
Theodor Storm Society 
Naval Museum of Nordfriesland 
North Sea Museum Husum-Nissenhaus 
Pole Poppenspäler 
Map of museums of the town

The Wadden Sea - a world heritage site of nature

Not far away from the outer dike and the Wadden Sea National Park, visitors of the city centre of Husum can feel the North Sea every day - the water level of the small port goes up and down in an impressive manner. The tidal range can be seen directly in the city and always draws the surprised attention of some tourists. The pristine beauty of the wadden sea captures the eye and invites you to bicycle tours, long strolls across the salt meadows or the mudflats, a bath in the sea and bird watching.

Numerous information centres give tourists the opportunity to find out more about the regional peculiarities and the ecological background.

National Park Wadden Sea 
Amsinck Haus at the dike outside Hamburger Hallig 
Multimar Wattforum
Nationalparkhaus Husum

Sports, exercise and leisure

To make sure that you will lack nothing during your stay with us, we have bicycles available for our hotel guests - feel free to use them for a bike spin through the city or overland.

Apart from cycling tours, Husum offers various other activities for every taste:

Swimming, e.g. at Husumer Dockkoog - grass beaches all along the coast  
Mud flat hiking

Playing golf

Even to play golf your are right at Husum. The golf court "Husumer Bucht" ist just 900 meters away from aour hotel.

And there are more beautiful golf courts arround.
As guests in our hotel you may recieve reduced Greenfee on following courts: